Chronic Ankle Injury Grade II

chronic ankle injury grade II

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How to Deal with Chronic Ankle Injury Grade II?


Once you have a good range of motion and can comfortably bear weight on your sprained ankle, it’s time for the next step — strengthening exercises.  Start each exercise slowly and use your pain level to guide you in doing the exercises.  Ease off the exercise if you have more than mild pain.

Some exercises you can do for your Chronic Ankle Injury Grade II

Following are some examples of typical rehabilitation (rehab) exercises:

  • Elastic band push – This is a variation of the towel stretch, but with resistance.  Sit on the floor.  Prop up your ankle with a rolled-up towel or swimming noodle to keep your heel off the floor.  Place the elastic band around the ball of your foot and hold the two ends.  Now slowly push your ankle forward like you’re pointing your toe.  Then slowly bring it back.  Repeat this 10 times.  Don’t use the band if there is any pain, or if your ankle feels wobbly.
  •  Elastic band pull – Tie your resistance band around a heavy object such as a desk or table leg.  While sitting on the floor, hook your toes and upper foot into the band.  Now, slowly pull your foot back towards you and return it to vertical position.  Repeat this 10 times.
  • Ankle out – Tie your resistance band around a heavy object.  Sit or stand and hook the inside of your foot into the end of the band.  Slowly move your foot to the outside and back.  Repeat 10 times at first, and build up to 20 times.  You can also do this while sitting down with your ankle propped up on a rolled towel or noodle.  Tie a loop in the end of the resistance band and hook it around your foot.  Now arrange the band to also go around your good foot.  Your good foot acts as a pivot.  Holding on to the end of the band, turn your ankle out.  Repeat 10 times at first, and build up to 20 times.
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