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sweaty feet

Sweaty Feet

Do you have a Sweaty Feet? Sweaty feet – Did you know that when we sweat too much we have something called… hyperhidrosis! What is a sweaty feet?  We have more sweat glands per cm in our feet than anywhere else in the body. Sweat glands keep our skin moist and supple to regulate our […]

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Mueller Weiss Syndrome

Mueller Weiss Syndrome

What is Mueller Weiss Syndrome? Learn more about its Causes and Treatment   Mueller Weiss Syndrome (also known as Brailsford disease) pertains to the voluntary osteonecrosis of the tarsal navicular bone in adults, which presents in the form of chronic medial pain of the midfoot or hindfoot, due to medial protrusion of the talar head.

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Claw toe

Claw Toe

What is claw toe? Learn more about this condition   Claw toe is a deformity, where a toe bends and appears like a bird’s claw. The affected toe is bent upward from the joint at the ball of the foot and downward at the joints in the middle and also tip of the toe to

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