Biotin Rich Foods for Your Nails!

biotin rich foods

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Biotin Rich Foods for Your Nails!


Biotin or vitamin B7 or also called vitamin H.  It’s important for eye, hair, skin, and brain function.  Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that your body doesn’t store it.  As a result, you need to consume it regularly to maintain adequate levels.

Biotin plays an important role in promoting healthy skin, hair and nails, promoting cell growth and healthy liver function.  Due to its incredible benefits for promoting healthy skin and hair, biotin is a key ingredient in most beauty products and supplements.

The main role of biotin is to convert food into energy and is useful as an enzyme in carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism.

Biotin Rich Foods Strengthens Nails

Biotin is known for its good nail health properties.  Some evidence also reveals that people who take biotin supplements have thickened their nails by up to 25% and have also reduced the number of broken and cracked nails.

Increasing your biotin intake may keep your nails and hair strong and flexible.  Biotin deficiency is rare, but if you have brittle hair and nails, your body may be lacking the nutrient as those with insufficient amounts often show these symptoms.

Moreover, biotin has more benefits aside from those mentioned above.  It can also help with your metabolism, cholesterol, blood sugar, adrenal glands and thyroid.

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