Angel Wing Deformity

angel wing deformity

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Angel Wing Deformity


Angel wing deformity defines as a nail plate thinning due to lichen planus.  The nails affected by angel wing deformity typically thicken, harden, and become brittle.  They may appear as yellowish or brownish in color, and the curvature can be severe, causing pain and discomfort.  In some cases, the nail can become ingrown which leads to further complications.

Treatment for angel wing deformity usually involves professional intervention by a podiatrist.  The following measures may be recommended:

  1. Trimming and filing: The thickened nails are carefully trimmed and filed down to reduce their thickness and reshape them to a more normal appearance.  This may require specialized tools and techniques.
  2. Softening and moisturizing: Regular soaking of the affected nails in warm water can help soften them, making them easier to manage.  Applying moisturizing creams or ointments can also help improve the condition of the nails and surrounding skin.
  3. Orthotic devices: In some cases, the use of orthotic devices, such as splints or braces, may be recommended to help straighten the affected nails gradually over time.
  4. Treatment of underlying conditions: If an underlying condition, such as a fungal infection or peripheral vascular disease, is contributing to the nail deformity, appropriate treatment for that condition will be necessary.

Morever, prevention of angel wing deformity involves keeping a good foot hygiene and nail care practices which includes regular trimming and filing of the nails, maintaining them at a moderate length, as well as avoiding trauma to the nails.  If there are difficulties in self-care, seeking help from a podiatrist is advisable.

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