May 2022

peroneal tendinopathy

Peroneal Tendinopathy

What is a Peroneal Tendinopathy and How did you get it?   What is it? Peroneal tendinopathy is a pathological state of the peroneal tendons or its associated sheath which then protects the tendons as it changes course around boney structures. The term tendinopathy refers to a pathological state of a tendon. A tendon may become […]

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Pott's fracture

Pott’s Fracture

Know more about Pott’s fracture – its causes and symptoms   What is a Pott’s fracture? A Pott’s fracture is a type of ankle fracture that is characterized by a break in one or more bony prominences on the sides of the ankle known as the malleoli. The lower leg comprises of two long bones (tibia and

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Well made shoes

Foot Shapes and Proper Footwear

Foot shapes and proper footwear   Our feet are the foundation of our everyday lives.  Every good foundation must have the right support. Foot shape includes different toe lengths compare to each other, and the overall foot shape (i.e. width, arch). We should all aware of our own foot shape, and choose the right types

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Heel fat pad atrophy

What is a heel fat pad atrophy? – Know its symptoms, causes, and treatment   Heel fat pad atrophy is a condition also known as a bruised heel, fat pad herniation or fat pad oedema. Quite simply, it’s where the fatty padding which protects the plantar surface of our heel bone known as the calcaneus

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Posterior Ankle impingement syndrome

Posterior ankle impingement

Know more about Posterior Ankle Impingement   What is Posterior Ankle Impingement? Posterior Ankle Impingement is a condition where an individual experiences pain at the back of the ankle due to compression of the bone or soft tissue structures during activities that involve maximal ankle plantarflexion motion. It is commonly seen in dancers who spend

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Footballers ankle

Footballers’ Ankle

Suffering from pain at the front of your ankle?   What is Footballers’ ankle? Footballers’ ankle (anterior ankle impingement syndrome) is a condition characterised by pain on the anterior or front part of the ankle. It is believed to be due to the constant trauma to the connective tissue on the front of the ankle

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Haglund's bump

Pump Bump

What is a Pump Bump? Know more about it – its symptoms and causes   Haglund’s bump is also known as the Bauer Bump, Haglund’s Deformity, Haglunld’s Bump, and Retrocalcaneal Bursitis. Haglund’s deformity is a bony enlargement (bump) at the back of the heel bone. This bump can be present for years without causing any

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High Ankle Sprain

High Ankle Sprain

High Ankle Sprain – Its causes and symptoms   A high ankle sprain is also sometimes called an “ankle syndesmosis injury” and an “inferior tibiofibular joint injury”. The shin contains two bones, the tibia (the large shin bone on the inside) and the fibula (a smaller bone on the outside of the lower leg). Damage

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Hallux Rigidus

Ankle Joint Arthritis

Know more about Ankle Joint Arthritis – Its types, treatment, and symptoms   Do you have ankle pain due to ankle arthritis? Ankle arthritis is the loss of cartilage lining the ankle joint and usually occurs slowly over a period of years. The most common cause is a previous injury, but in some patients it

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Mole in feet

Moles on feet

Know more about a foot melanoma – Its types, and signs to look out for   Do you have moles in your feet? Moles in feet are also called “foot melanoma”. Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. A melanoma may appear as a new spot or as a change in the appearance

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