Strengthening Foot Exercises

How to strengthen the foot

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Strengthening Foot Exercises


As much as we are told to stretch stretch stretch strengthening feet is something that does not get too much consideration.

However foot strengthening exercises can help avoid foot or ankle pain and improve foot protection.  Strong feet can also benefit runners, those undertaking high impact activities and individuals with certain foot conditions.

Strength exercises allow your muscles to provide increased protection for your feet reducing the chances of ankle rolls and injuries generally.  Even undertaking a few exercises a few times a week will provide incremental benefits.

3 Strengthening Foot Exercises

  • Seated Leg Extensions with ankle weights as appropriate:  Sit on a sturdy chair or workout bench with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor.  Secure ankle weights around your ankles.  Start with a light weight and gradually increase it as you become more comfortable with the exercise.  Begin with your hands on the sides of the chair or bench for support.  Slowly lift one leg off the ground, extending your knee until your leg is straight.  Hold the position for a second or two, making sure to keep your thigh muscle engaged.  Slowly lower your leg back down to the starting position.  Repeat with the other leg. Do this for 10-15 reps 2 to 3 sets.
  • High Knee Marches with ankle weights as appropriate:  Attach ankle weights around your ankles. Start with a light weight to get used to the added resistance.  Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart.  Begin by marching in place, lifting one knee up towards your chest while keeping your core engaged.  Do this for 1 minute alternate legs.  3 sets.
  • Calf raises with weights as appropriate:  Strap on ankle weights around your ankles.  Start with a weight that is comfortable for you, and gradually increase it as needed.  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly narrower and keep your back straight.  Place your feet flat on the ground, with your toes pointing forward.  Slowly lift your heels off the ground by pushing up with the balls of your feet.  Go as high as you comfortably can.  At the top of the movement, pause for a moment and squeeze your calf muscles.  Gradually lower your heels back down to the starting position in a controlled manner.  Aim for 8-10 reps 3 sets.

If you are a newbie or just generally really do not like exercise a slow and gradual introduction increasing the intensity and duration of these exercises at your own pace.  If you have any pre-existing foot conditions or injuries, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider / podiatrist before starting any new exercise routine.

Foot health and safety tips

To help keep the feet strong and healthy:

  • Complete a thorough warm-up routine before exercising.
  • Wear supportive footwear for day-to-day activities and sports.
  • Replace worn-down shoes as often as possible.  Have you had a gait analysis?
  • Build up strength and flexibility slowly to condition the feet and ankles.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces, especially when running.
  • Listen to the body.  Do not overdo activities.
  • Prevent any recurrence of injury by resting and seeking appropriate treatment.
Are you suffering from any foot condition?  At The Chelsea Clinic, we can help.  One of our podiatrist can assist and then recommend what treatments are best to get you back on track. ✅ Podiatrist South Kensington
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We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team



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