Skier’s Toe

Skier's toe

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Skier’s Toe


Skier’s toe, also known as “toe bang” or “subungual hematoma,” is a condition commonly experienced by skiers and snowboarders.

Skier’s toe is a medical condition classified by bleeding underneath the bed of the a toe, oftentimes the big toe. Bleeding under the toenail is typically caused by trauma to the area. This can happen if we drop something heavy on our toes or stub them on the kitchen table, but it can also develop if your toe is subjected to stress and pressure while in a ski boot. We twist and push with our toes to help control our skis, and all this regular pressure against the ski boot can actually cause bleeding to develop under the nail.

Causes of Skier’s Toe

Skier’s Toe is primarily caused by tight-fitting ski boots or ski boots that are too large.

Tight-fitting ski boots cause pressure on the nail bed and cause blood to pool under the nail bed, while a ski boot that is too large can lead to excessive foot movement, resulting in a repetitive impact of the nail against the ski boot.

Other causes of Skiers Toe (Subungual Haematoma) are:

Long-distance running due to the repetitive impact of the toe against the ground.

Football: Kicking the ball or impact from a tackle.

Heavy objects landing on the toe or stubbing your toe against a solid object.


Symptoms of skier’s toe typically include:

  • pain, bruising, and swelling of the affected toe.
  • appears discolored due to blood collecting underneath it.
  • In severe cases, the pressure from the hematoma can cause intense pain and discomfort.
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