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What is Onychoschizia? Learn more about this condition


Onychoschizia (also known as onychoschisis, lamellar dystrophy, and peeling of nails) is characterized by horizontal splits within the nail plate due to loss of intracellular adhesion. It is a nail condition more common among women.

Split nails are common. They can affect both fingernails and toenails and are usually the result of physical trauma, such as an object crushing them. However, wear and tear, as well as nutrient deficiencies, are also potential causes.

When a nail splits, a person may be able to use at-home methods to fix the issue. However, if the split is severe enough or affects the nail bed, a person may require medical treatment.

A split can occur across the nail, or it could split the nail vertically. Onychoschizia is often seen together with onychorrhexis – longitudinal splitting or ridging of the nail plate – and the 2 findings constitute brittle nail syndrome.

Causes of Onychoschizia

There are many common causes of nail splitting. Some of the most common causes of nail splitting include:

  • Trauma or injury
  • Biting or picking
  • Excessive exposure to moisture
  • Nail psoriasis
  • Other underlying conditions such as bacterial, fungal, or yeast infections, thyroid disease, or kidney disease

Frequent wetting and drying of the hands is the most common cause of the loss of intracellular adhesion. Onychoschizia is common among house cleaners, nurses, and hairdressers. Onychoschizia has also been attributed to nail cosmetics (hardeners, polish, polish removers / solvents), nail procedures, and occupational exposure to various chemicals (alkalis, acids, cement, solvents, thioglycolates, salt, sugar solutions).

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