Muehrcke’s lines

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What is Muehrcke’s lines?


We’ve told you about Mees don’t be silly!  We’re not messing well what about Muehrcke’s lines….

Muehrcke’s lines, which are white, transverse lines that appear in pairs, indicate an abnormality in the nail’s vascular bed.  They are seen as two horizontal white lines that run across the fingernails horizontally.  This illness is named after Robert Muehrcke, MD.

Symptoms of Muerhcke’s Lines

Muehrcke’s lines commonly happen to several nails at a time.  Also, there are typically no lines visible on the thumbnails.

Some features of Muehrcke’s lines are:

  • White bands go across the whole nail from side to side.
  • Lines do not move as the nail grows.
  • The nail bed appears healthy in between the lines.
  • Lines are usually most clearly visible on the second, third, and fourth fingers.
  • Lines do not result to dents in the nail.
  • the lines temporarily disappear when you press down on the fingernail.

Causes of Muehrcke’s Lines

It is unclear what caused Muehrcke’s lines exactly.  The lines are attributed to low levels of a protein called albumin rather than injury to the cuticle or nail region. 
Albumin plays an vital role in several body functions.  It prevents fluid from leaking out of the blood vessels.  Albumin also aids in the movement of hormones, vitamins, and medications through the body.  This may experience by people who have:

  • Cancer after chemotherapy
  • Liver disease, including cirrhosis
  • Kidney disease, which includes glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome
  • An unbalanced diet that results to an extreme lack of nutrients in the body (severe malnutrition)

Moreover, one possible theory for the existence of Muehrcke’s lines is that these illnesses lead to swelling in the nail bed.  The swelling gives pressure on the blood vessels that run underneath the nail which causes color changes.

The lines have also been seen in older people that undergone chemotherapy who have normal albumin levels.  Nevertheless, Muehrcke’s lines usually happen in those with too little albumin.

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