Have a sweaty feet?

sweaty feet

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Have a sweaty feet?


Sweaty feet, also known as plantar hyperhidrosis, is a condition characterized by excessive sweating of the feet.  Sweaty feet are a common condition that affects people of all ages.  While it can occur at any time, it often starts during childhood or adolescence and may persist into adulthood.

Symptoms of Sweaty Feet

Among the most common symptoms are:

  • A bad odor emanating from the feet
  • Itchiness of the feet
  • Toenail fungus
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Development of other skin problems on the feet
  • Socks and shoes are often damp with perspiration
  • Clammy feeling in the feet that may fade for short periods of time but always returns.

Causes of Sweaty Feet

This condition can be caused by various factors, including:

  • Overactive sweat glands.  Some individuals naturally have more active sweat glands in their feet, leading to increased sweating.
  • Hot weather or physical activity.  Sweating is the body’s way of regulating temperature, so hot weather or exercise can trigger sweating in the feet.
  • Stress or anxiety.  Emotional stress or anxiety can stimulate the nervous system and lead to excessive sweating, including in the feet.
  • Wearing tight or non-breathable footwear.  Shoes that trap moisture and restrict airflow can contribute to sweaty feet by creating a warm, moist environment that promotes sweating.
  • Certain medical conditions.  It may be a symptom of underlying medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or infections.
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We hope you have a feetastic day!

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