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How Can You find the Best Podiatrist Near You?


What is a Podiatrist? Do you know who and what do they do?

A podiatrist is a specialist profession in the medicine field devoted to the treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg.  It may be harder to find an expert podiatrist than you think.

As podiatry is a speciality, you may have never visited a podiatrist before.  Hence, in situations where you may need a podiatrist, how are you supposed to find the best podiatrist near to you?  So, here’s all you need to know to find the best podiatrist in your area.

What We Need To Look For In A Podiatrist?

There are several ways on how to find a podiatrist near you.  One is through referral or recommendation from other people, such as your family, friend or GP.   Another one is through searching online.  By utilizing all available resources, we can freely learn much with internet searches such as google and bing.  You can search online for ‘best podiatrist near me’, lots of results will come up.  You can specify in your search for your exact location, such as ‘Best Podiatrist in South Kensington‘.

One piece of advice is to check the website, social media accounts, or in their Google account.  Is your podiatrist available for you?  Google reviews are not necessarily the only thing to look out for.

It is natural to have questions before you book an appointment, so phoning up to find out more information is not really a problem.  Does the podiatrist seem knowledgeable about your specific condition?

You can explain that you’re searching for the best option and have a few queries, then run through the following list:

  • Is the clinic currently accepting new patients?  If they’re not, there’s no point wasting your time asking everything else, and the podiatrist should be able to refer you to a colleague in the area they know to be very good.
  • What are their office hours?  You need to be sure they are flexible enough for you to attend.
  • What is the waiting time to get an appointment?  If this is too long you may need to consider a different practice.
  • What is the process for emergency appointments?
  • Is the podiatrist qualified and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)?

It’s important to find a podiatrist who provides excellent care as well as mutual trust and respect.

If you are looking for the best podiatrist in South Kensington, we are more than happy to answer all of your queries you have in your mind.  You can also check our client feedback in the bottom section of the homepage of our website.  The main thing is that you feel comfortable with your podiatrist, that your expectations are being met and your felt the service received addressed your lower limb concerns.

Are you suffering from this condition?  At The Chelsea Clinic, we can help.  One of our podiatrist can assist and then recommend what treatments are best to get you back on track.  Podiatrist South Kensington
Schedule an appointment here or you may call us at +44 (0) 207 101 4000


We hope you have a feetastic day!

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team



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Paola Ash at the Chelsea Clinic

At The Chelsea clinic we have a very specific skill set with regards the foot and ankle. Pleased to offer a bespoke service which is tailored to the individual. With over 20 years experience in the Fitness and Healthcare industry we are registered and qualified with the Health Care Professions Council, the College of Podiatry and the General Osteopathic Council.