5 Fascinating Facts about your Feet Part 2

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Five Fascinating Facts about your Feet – Part 2


Did you know that your two feet have 250,000 sweat glands that are capable of producing half a pint of sweat in a single day?!  That’s incredibly a lot!

Your feet work tirelessly all day. Often they’re one of the most under-appreciated parts of the human body.

Previously, we already gave you some interesting facts about feet. But to help you better understand and appreciate them, we will bring you some more!

  1. Did you know that ¼ of your body’s bones reside within your feet? Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and over a hundred soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. That’s a lot of delicate parts, which makes taking care of your feet even more important! They also contain thousands of nerves making them extremely sensitive–and ticklish! However, this is a good sign as reduced sensitivity in your feet may be a sign of neuropathy, which could be a sign of a more serious medical condition.
  2. The average person takes 8,000-10,000 steps each day. That adds up to approximately 115,000 miles in a typical lifetime—the equivalent to circling the globe more than four times!
  3. Women experience foot problems four times more often than men. This is largely attributed to shoe choice.  Lifelong patterns of wearing high heels often are the culprit.
  4. Children’s feet grow rapidly during the first year of life reaching half the size of their adult size. By the age of 12 a child’s foot will be 90% of it’s adult size.
  5. Cigarette smoking is the biggest cause of Peripheral Vascular Disease. This often leads to pain on walking, ulceration, infection and in severe cases gangrene which sadly can lead to amputation.

Our feet do a fantastic job of getting us where we need to go, protecting us from injury, and adapting to many types of surfaces and functions. As incredible as they are, they do get injured and develop painful medical conditions. So, take good care of your wonderful feet! If you experience any pain or concerning symptoms, get them checked out right away by a podiatrist.

Are you planning to have a foot check-up? One of our podiatrists can assist and evaluate your condition and recommend you with a treatment suitable for you.
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We hope you have a feetastic day! 👣☀️

-The Chelsea Clinic and Team




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