September 2023

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Toenail Grading: From Mild to Wild

Toenail Grading: From Mild to Wild   Today we will cover one of the most common nail conditions that most of us will experience at one point or many points in our lives ‘ingrown toenails’, medically known as onychocryptosis.  We also can use different grading systems to determine severity and optimal treatment protocols. The cause

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Dermatoglyphics and Skin Changes

Dermatoglyphics and Skin Changes   Do we really have any idea about the science behind our fingerprints? Maybe at some point we question what are the ‘prints in our skin’ thingy about? Have you ever been to see a palm reader…? The scientific study of finger and toeprints, palm prints and the patterns of ridges

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What Is Dermatographia?   Dermatographia is a condition in which lightly scratching your skin causes raised, inflamed lines or welts.  These marks tend to go away in less than 30 minutes. The condition is also known as dermatographism and skin writing.  It may even happen when the skin is rubbed when pressure is applied. Symptoms

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Over Dug Nail Syndrome

Over Dug Nail Syndrome

With warmer temperatures ahead this week lets talk about…. the ‘Over Dug Nail Syndrome’?   Its a sunny week ahead and with sandals weather we will discuss the little recognised but often observed: ‘Over dug nail syndrome’. We see many clients have pedicures and manicures sometimes even on a weekly basis.  Without realising having this

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