April 24, 2023



What is Onychauxis?   Onychauxis is the thickening or overgrowth of nails.  It can occur in both the fingernails and toenails and can develop from many causes.  This thickening of the nail may force the nail plate to separate from the nail bed.  Though fungal nails can cause similar symptoms, onychauxis is not normally caused by a fungus.  Nevertheless because it […]

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Nailed It! Our nails and Health

Our nails and Health   Our nails are made of a protein called Keratin.  Keratin protects our nails from damage by making them strong and resilient.  It aids in the formation of skin, hair, and the nail’s outer layer (epidermis).  Keratin is a strong structural fibrous protein also known as an Alpha-keratin or scleroprotein making it resilient to diluted

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