July 2022



What is Onychoschizia? Learn more about this condition   Onychoschizia (also known as onychoschisis, lamellar dystrophy, and peeling of nails) is characterized by horizontal splits within the nail plate due to loss of intracellular adhesion. It is a nail condition more common among women. Split nails are common. They can affect both fingernails and toenails and […]

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yellow nail syndrome

Yellow Nail Syndrome

Learn more about Yellow Nail Syndrome   Yellow nail syndrome is a rare disorder of the nail which results to swelling of parts of the body caused by blockage or damage to the drainage of the lymphatic system. Yellow nails syndrome is characterised by the triad of yellow thickened nails, lymphoedema and respiratory manifestations. They are

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Keratoderma Climactericum (haxthausen's Disease)

Keratoderma Climactericum

What is Keratoderma Climactericum? Learn more about this condition   Keratoderma climactericum another term is Haxthausen disease. Keratoderma climactericum refers to the form that occurs during the menopausal period. There are many forms of keratoderma which is the term given to the development of harmless skin thickening on the soles, particularly the heels. Acquired keratoderma

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reactive arthritis

Reiter’s Syndrome/Reactive Arthritis

Learn more about Reactive Arthritis or formerly known as Reiter’s Syndrome   Reactive arthritis, formerly called Reiter’s syndrome, is a type of arthritis that occurs as a ‘reaction’ to a bacterial infection in another part of your body., particularly a bowel or genital tract infection. Normally when you have an infection, your immune system steps

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diabetic foot

Diabetes-Foot Care

Learn more about the effects of Diabetes on our feet and how to take care of them   Foot care is particularly important if you have diabetes. Foot problems are a common complication of this condition. Your feet can be affected in two ways. Blood supply may be affected, resulting in slower healing. You may

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Many White Spots On Fingernails (leukonychia) Due To Calcium Deficit


What is a Leukonychia? Learn more about this condition   Non uniform white spots or lines on the nail are called leukonychia. They are usually the result of a minor trauma and are harmless in healthy individuals. Sometimes this condition is associated with poor health or nutritional deficiencies. Types of Leukonychia This condition is classified

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What is Onychorrhexis? Learn more about this condition   Onychorrhexis is longitudinal ridging of the nail plate.  Instead of a relatively smooth fingernail, a person with onychorrexis will have grooves or ridges in their nails. Some people may have this condition on only one nail while others will have it on all nails. Onychorrexis isn’t usually cause

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Nail Psoriasis

Nail Psoriasis

What is Nail Psoriasis? Its Symptoms and Causes   Nail psoriasis, also known as psoriatic nail dystrophy, is due to psoriasis involving the nail matrix or nail bed, resulting in specific and non-specific clinical changes in the nail. It normally affects several digits (fingers and toes) and is more common on the fingernails than the toenails. Pain and tenderness

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A Case Of Median Canaliform Nail Dystrophy

Median Canaliform Nail Dystrophy

Learn more about Median Canaliform Nail Dystrophy   Median canaliform nail dystrophy is a clinically characteristic change in the nail plate presenting as a midline longitudinal furrow or split ⚡️ and also transverse ridges angled backwards in a fir-tree pattern. It can affect all age groups, including children. Familial cases have been reported. It affects men and women equally. Causes

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